By now, you probably know that a major snow storm is headed for Texas and Oklahoma on Wednesday evening.  In fact, some news outlets are saying that some areas may see several inches of snow, in addition to freezing rain and sleet.

Usually whenever a winter storm heads for the area, all of us tend to make a mad dash for the grocery store to stock up on food, and other essential items. I actually believe that grocery stores are probably busier before a snowstorm, than they are before Christmas, or even Thanksgiving.

While you’re shopping, please be considerate.  Don’t panic buy, and leave some food for other shoppers.   Please remember that, while you're out shopping that some people may still be at work, and can’t make it to the store until later that evening, so please leave some food for them, and their families.

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How would feel if after a long day at work, you went to the grocery store and found lots of empty shelves, all because people who were there earlier than you were panic buying?

While the staff of the store is working around the clock, restocking shelves as fast as they can, please be considerate and leave some items on the shelves for others.  Please only take what you need to feed you, and your family during the storm.

Most important of all, please be patient with the staff of the store.  Not only are the they working long hours, but they are on their feet all day.  Even if you head to the grocery store early in the morning, remember that some of those employees still on the clock, may have been working overnight.

I know that nobody likes waiting in long lines at checkout, but please don’t take out your frustration on the grocery store staff.  They are working as fast and hard as they can.  Not only is the store super busy, but it could be short on staff as well.

While we will be getting lots of snow, and ice over the next couple of days, by the time the weekend rolls around, highs will be in the mid 40’s, and most of it will have melted.  It’s pretty hard to believe that at the time of this writing, it’s 70 degrees outside, but you know what they say about Texas.   If you don’t like the weather, just stick around, because it will change in a couple of days.

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