I thought sharks were the scariest part of the ocean. 

Looks like flesh-eating bacteria is invading the waters around Texas. One man lost his leg already from flesh-eating bacteria in Galveston this year, and now Adrian Ruiz is currently fighting to keep his leg.

Ruiz spent Father's Day weekend in Port Aransas with his family. He had some fun at the beach but later that night he started to feel sick.

He was running a fever and woke up with a rash on his leg. Doctors diagnosed him with Cellulitis and asked him if he had been in the ocean. They said a flesh-eating bacteria cases have been popping up recently. Adrian Ruiz went home from his trip and then his leg started to blister.

He is now in the intensive care unit and doctors are trying to save his leg. Dr. Fausto Meza works at Seton Hays tells us why these cases are popping up all of the sudden.

“It's something that happens when the water tends to heat up our Gulf Coast, you'll see stories about it in Galveston, Corpus, or Padre. The warning is if you have a wound, an open cut or something that is susceptible to infection and if you're immune-compromised, you don't have the best health, and you're out in the water, sea water in particular, what they say brackish kind of water,” he said.