Just when I thought the bar was low for stupidity, we somehow have gone even lower.

Yesterday I saw a story coming out of Mississippi where apparently several people are currently in the hospital for taking the drug Ivermectin to treat Covid. Now Ivermectin is a drug that has a one time use for humans, usually used to treat worms. However, it looks like folks in Mississippi have been using the drug that is meant for horses and cattle.

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Yeah a drug that should be used for around a 1,000 pound animal is perfect for a human right? Please tell me you see how stupid this is. Apparently through the power of social media, a post is going viral about the treatment of Ivermectin. Through a quick search for Ivermectin treatments, I found some studies coming out of South America. It looks like some tests did come back with some good results, but also some bad side effects.

Sort of like what we heard months ago about hydroxychloroquine being a miracle drug for Covid. Some tests came back with awful side effects. Once again, you should consult your doctor before taking any medicine. So the FDA had to release a statement the other day to tell people to stop taking horse and cattle treatments. Something the FDA probably shouldn't have to do.

So I thought this was just some dumb people in Mississippi, but it looks like some folks in Oklahoma have also seen this 'cure' for Covid. Four Green Country Tractor Supply stores in Oklahoma have said they were out of Ivermectin and that sales and demand increased during the pandemic. Is it possible that a lot of horses and cattle have eternal parasites and need the treatment right now? Possible.

My guess is that people are buying this stuff up because of this claim of a cure. Managing Director for the Oklahoma Center for Poison and Drug Information, Scott Schaeffer, said they've received around 10 calls from human exposure to animal medicine. "In May we received only one call, then it was until July we got three calls," Schaeffer said, "And so far five calls regarding six people in August of this year and the month isn't over yet."

If you take too much Ivermectin, it could cause problems for your liver, potentially seizures, and some effects on the heart as well. If you think you know how much for a human to take compared to a 1,000 pound animal, best of luck to you. I wouldn't do it though.

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