Keep Austin Weird - that’s been the Texas capital’s mantra for a long, long time. But, there is a fine line between weird and downright insane.

The Austin city council has been considering an ordinance for the past few months that may put many barbecue restaurants in the city out of business. Austin, a city about as famous for its barbecue as it is for its music and nightlife, is considering a proposal that would force barbecue restaurants to install scrubbers to cut down on ‘emissions’.

Some homeowners have complained about the smoke and the smell. Who wouldn’t love the smell of delicious, smoked meats? Apparently, the Austin city council has the biggest issue. What they are considering will cost restaurants upwards of $100,000 in added equipment and more. This will almost certainly spell the end of the small, family owned establishments that simply don't have that kind of cash to burn.

Austin BBQ master Aaron Franklin told back in March, “If this resolution passes, we would be forced to close or move. It would destroy Austin barbecue.”

Sounds like the consequences of such a decision will alter the Austin foodscape in ways that no one is going to like. No one that is, except those crying about the smokers.

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