Let's see how folks have celebrated throughout the years in our town.

So I was trying to find something to talk about today involving Christmas and I was trying to think of something nostalgic. Then one of my favorite Christmas things popped in my head. The Nintendo 64 kid.

Those old VHS recordings of kids opening up there Christmas presents. So I decided to see if anyone in Wichita Falls had any posted on YouTube.

I found the one above from user Spencer Morse. Fast forward to about 8 minutes into this video. Is that a Beetlejuice mask? I have never seen that before, you squeeze the pump and the hair pops up. I would wear that for Halloween now! Right after that someone got a very 90's jacket.

Next up, let's go check in with the Studebaker's back in 1993. Just a baby getting a bunch of clothes for Christmas. Good thing about this is the baby has no idea what is going on and is just happy. Me being the little a-hole kid I was, I would toss those clothes away. I just wanted toys.


One more from the 90's. 14 minutes in, someone gets a knockoff light saber. I had high hopes for this one. 1996 had some epic toys that came out. That was N64, Tamagotchi, Beanie Babies, Buzz Lightyear, Tickle Me Elmo. A 1996 Christmas was an excellent time to be a kid.

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Honestly, that was all I could find for 90's nostalgia on YouTube, but some other cool stuff was on there.

Remember the Christmas Eve Blizzard a few years ago? Considering it's supposed to be 83 DEGREES on Christmas in Wichita Falls this year, don't be expecting anything like the video above.

The VAST majority of Christmas videos in Wichita Falls are for the Fantasy of Lights. Not surprising at all to me. I think that is a lot of folks favorite Christmas tradition in town. People have been enjoying that for decades.

If you're nostalgic for the City Lights Parade, check out the one from 2019 above. I still say 9th Street Studios had the best City Lights Parade Float EVER this past weekend.

Finally, how about a stroll through a Wichita Falls neighborhood for some traditional Christmas lights. If anyone has more Wichita Falls Christmas videos let me know.

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