22 cities in total O'Rourke will be traveling to and Wichita Falls is on the list.

Before everyone jumps down my throat and asks why I'm writing this story. I try to give everyone both sides when it comes to politics. If a major politician is coming to our area, I let you know. I remember the left was all mad at me when I said Ted Cruz was coming to Wichita Falls. Then I remember the right was all mad at me when I said Bernie Sanders would be in Lawton.

Some of you are WAY too crazy when it comes to politics and just know that I am informing you of an event in our area. If you have zero interest in anything to do with Beto O'Rourke, just go on about your day. This morning on Beto's Facebook page, he shared the following poster for an event he is doing called 'The Texas Drive for Democracy'.

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This is going to about voting rights and how this will affect you as a Texan. KFDX is reporting that the Wichita Falls date is this Sunday (June 6th) in Lucy Park at 5PM. They have apparently reached out to his camp for confirmation, but have not heard back yet. I will update if new information becomes available.

A new bill here in Texas this past week caused a lot of contention between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to voting rights. The Election Integrity Protection Act was at the state house for approval, but Democrats walked out forcing the chamber to adjourn.

Governor Abbott is asking for a special session when it comes to this Act. We will see if both sides will come together and come to resolution.

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