Not just parts and manufacturing. Literally everything must remain on American soil, even the company.

Texas House Representative Cole Hefner is proposing House Bill 1314 to help suppress voter fraud here in Texas. His bill would require voting machines to be built in America. The parts would have to be American made. They would need to be assembled here in America. The parent companies that make the voting machines must be an American company that is located and headquartered here.


Data and storage equipment must also remain in the United States after all elections. Basically, these machines need to bleed red, white, and blue so we can use them in Texas. Hefner said elections are the responsibility of each individual state making the bill a proactive preventative measure keeping Texas elections safe and secure.

Hefner is proposing the bill to the 87th Legislature in Texas. He represents District 5 which includes counties Camp, Morris, Rains, Smith, Titus, and Wood. You can read more about his proposed bill here.

I have to agree with representative Hefner here. I think we should keep all of our elections secure within our borders. I don't know why we would outsource our voting machines. Well, I do, money. It's probably cheaper to get the machines from outside the country, but when it comes to an election, you want to be sure you have the most secure election possible.

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