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Remember when the media was starting to talk about the crisis along the United States-Mexico border?

Joe Biden is dealing with a crisis of his own doing on the United States-Mexico Border. Not only have Republicans noticed but the Democrats and their national news allies have as well. Biden was starting to feel pressure right up until the shooting in Colorado.
The mass shooter, identified as 21 year old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, killed 10 people. And so now Biden is busy distracting the news media and the citizens with his call for gun control. Even though we don't even have all the facts yet, like what actual guns were used and what the gunman's motives were. On Tuesday Biden called for the Senate to pass sweeping gun control legislation while the White House teased that Biden could use executive action to enact some type of gun control. He has said it before, and I believe that Biden and the left want to ban the AR-15 and high capacity magazines.
They want to get rid of "war-like" weapons. The problem is, you can't. A weapon of war can be a knife. It can be a rock. It can be a handgun. The AR-15 isn't the problem in America. Millions of gunowners own these and similar rifles and have done so without incident. The real problem here is the mentality of these shooters. They are often people who shy away from society. Who have no friends and come from broken homes.
Why isn't that talked about?
For now, the Biden administration wants to talk about gun control because, well yes they want to take your guns, but also because it distracts from this administrations failures along the border.
As long as the filibuster stays in place, I don’t see any major changes happening for now. But elections have consequences. Biden can attempt radical change via executive order, but he will divide this nation past the point of repair. He will also be sued.
Republicans will have to fight back against the policies of the left, including gun control. And we can’t give an inch on guns or firearm accessories. Nothing the left has come up with would have prevented the shooting in Boulder. But they don’t care about that. It’s about taking power away from you. Don’t allow it. Don't give them an inch.

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