An impatient BMW driver got instant karma when they attempted to zoom past traffic in the bus-only lane.

Footage recorded on a fellow driver's dashcam March 25 and shared on Reddit's popular Instant Karma sub-forum shows a BMW driving fast alongside a line of slowed-down cars, passing them in the bus lane which is reserved for (you guessed it!) buses only.

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As they pass illegally, they also zoom past a police officer getting back into their vehicle, who immediately puts their lights on and chases after the speedy BMW.

"BMW driver has no time for traffic – uses bus lane instead," the Reddit post is titled. Watch the footage here.

Sometimes, there's nothing sweeter than instant karma --- and viewers on Reddit agree.

"I don't understand. I thought BMW, AUDI, and Merc[edes] drivers were exempt from road rules," one user joked.

"Plot twist: They got pulled over because they used their indicator," another quipped.

"In this guy's defense, he was the first Beemer to use their blinks," someone else commented.

"I mean, not all of us who drive BMWs are like this," a fellow BMW driver chimed in.

"I never thought I would be happy to see blue lights come on! Seems I was wrong," someone else shared.

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