Now these books are not banned in every school district, but if they're on this list, at least one school district has banned them in the state.

When I was in school, we celebrated Banned Books Week, which takes place in October each year, and we were encouraged to go to the library at some point that week and read one of the banned books from the display. Some of those books had either been banned in the past or were currently banned in other states or places around the world.

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and Texas has banned more books than any other state in the country.

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Looks like at least 22 school districts in the state have taken part in banning all or some of the books on the state's list of over 800 banned books. In fact, the banning of books isn't even close compared to other states. Florida has 566 banned and Pennsylvania has 457 books banned in the state.

Representative Matt Krause out of Fort Worth shared a list of the banned books with the Texas Tribune, and and we have shared the list below. They're organized by title, then author, and finally the year the book was published. This is list is as of 2022.

The 800 books banned in the state of Texas.

2020 Black Lives Matter marches Markovics, Joyce L. 2021
A complicated love story set in space Hutchinson, Shaun David 2021
A lesson in vengeance Lee, Victoria 2021
As far as you'll take me Stamper, Phil 2021
Be dazzled La Sala, Ryan 2021
Black Lives Matter : from hashtag to the streets Tyner, Artika R. 2021
Can't take that away Salvatore, Steven 2021
Follow your arrow Verdi, Jessica 2021
Have I ever told you Black lives matter King, Shani M. 2021
Perfect on paper Gonzales, S. 2021
Protesting police violence in modern America Harris, Duchess 2021
Race and policing in modern America Harris, Duchess 2021
Race and the media in modern America Harris, Duchess 2021
Racial justice in America : topics for change Nichols, Hedreich 2021
Spin with me Polonsky, Ami 2021
The girls I've been Sharpe, Tess 2021
The key to you and me Brown, Jaye Robin 2021
What is the Black Lives Matter movement? Nichols, Hedreich 2021
What is white privilege? Erickson, Leigh Ann 2021
#BlackLivesMatter : protesting racism Thomas, Rachel L. 2020
A good kind of trouble Ramee, Lisa Moore 2020
A high five for Glenn Burke Bildner, Phil 2020
A home for goddesses and dogs Connor, Leslie 2020
All out : the no-longer-secret stories of queer teens throughout the ages Saundra Mitchell 2020
Ana on the edge Sass, A. J. 2020
Beyond the gender binary Menon, Alok 2020
Blood sport McAdam, Tash 2020
Brave Face: A Memoir Hutchinson, Shaun David 2020
Caste : the origins of our discontents Wilkerson, Isabel 2020
Cemetery boys Thomas, Aiden 2020
Ciel Labelle, Sophie 2020
Cinderella is dead Bayron, Kalynn 2020
Class act Craft, Jerry 2020
Cynical theories : how activist scholarship made everything about race, gender, and identity--and why this harms everybody Pluckrose, Helen 2020
Darius the Great deserves better Khorram, Adib 2020
Each of us a desert Oshiro, Mark 2020
Fairest : a memoir Talusan, Meredith 2020
Felix ever after Callender, Kacen 2020
Flamer Curato, Mike 2020
Forget this ever happened Clarke, Cassandra Rose 2020
Freeing Finch Rorby, Ginny 2020
Girl crushed Heaney, Katie 2020
Hands Up McDaniel, Breanna 2020
Hello now Valentine, Jenny 2020
Hood feminism : notes from the women that a movement forgot Kendall, Mikki 2020
Hot dog girl Dugan, Jennifer 2020
How it all blew up Ahmadi, Arvin 2020
I am water Specksgoor, Meg 2020
I hope you're listening Ryan, Tom 2020
Identity : a story of transitioning Maison, Corey 2020
If we were us Walther, K.L. 2020
In The Dream House Machado, Carmen Maria 2020
In the role of Brie Hutchens . . . Melleby, Nicole 2020
Infinity son Silvera, Adam 2020
Into the real Brewer, Z 2020

Jane against the world : Roe v. Wade and the fight for reproductive rights Blumenthal, Karen 2020
Julián at the wedding Love, Jessica 2020
La luna dentro de mi Salazar, Aida 2020
Late to the party Quindlen, Kelly 2020
Lobizona Garber, Romina 2020
Love, Creekwood a Simonverse novella Albertalli, Becky 2020
Me and White Supremacy: Combat Racism, Change the World, and Become a Good Ancestor Saad, Layla 2020
Middle school's a drag : you better werk! Howard, Greg 2020
More than a game : race, gender, and politics in sports Doeden, Matt 2020
My heart underwater Fantauzzo, Laurel Flores 2020
My rainbow Neal, Trinity 2020
Rainbow revolutionaries : 50 LGBTQ+ people who made history Prager, Sarah 2020
Rainbow revolutions : power, pride, and protest in the fight for queer rights Lawson, Jamie 2020
Real talk about sex & consent : what every teen needs to know Bradshaw, Cheryl M. 2020
Reverie La Sala, Ryan 2020
Rick Gino, Alex 2020
She, he, they, them : understanding gender identity Stanborough, Rebecca 2020
Shout Anderson, Laurie Halse 2020
The art of saving the world Duyvis, Corinne 2020
The Black Flamingo Atta, Dean 2020
The blood countess Popović, Lana 2020
The bridge Konigsberg, Bill 2020
The deep & dark blue Smith, Niki 2020
The fight for LGBTQ+ rights Smith, Devlin 2020
The fire never goes out : a memoir in pictures Stevenson, Noelle 2020
The gravity of us Stamper, Phil 2020
The love curse of Melody McIntyre Talley, Robin 2020
The magic fish Trung, Le Nguyen 2020
The midnight lie Rutkoski, Marie 2020
The migration north De Medeiros, James 2020
The moon within Salazar, Aida 2020
The new Jim Crow : mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness Alexander, Michelle 2020
The ship we built Bean, Lexie 2020
The truth about keeping secrets Brown, Savannah 2020
The whispers Howard, Greg 2020
They, She, He Easy as ABC Gonzalez, Maya Christina 2020
This book is anti-racist : 20 lessons on how to wake up, take action, and do the work Jewell, Tiffany 2020
This is your time Bridges, Ruby 2020
Understanding gender Dawson, Juno 2020
V For Vendetta Moore, Alan 2020
Wayward witch Córdova, Zoraida 2020
When they call you a terrorist : a story of Black Lives Matter and the power to change the world Khan-Cullors, Patrisse 2020
When we were magic Gailey, Sarah 2020
Who I was with her Tyndall, Nita 2020
You do you : figuring out your body, dating, and sexuality Mirk, Sarah 2020
A kids book about racism Memory, Jelani 2019
All eyes on us Frick, Kit 2019
All the bad apples Fowley-Doyle, Moïra 2019
All the things we do in the dark Mitchell, Saundra 2019
An indigenous peoples' history of the United States for young people Mendoza, Jean 2019
Avoiding bullies? : skills to outsmart and stop them Spilsbury, Louise 2019
Birthday Russo, Meredith 2019
Cold falling white Prendergast, Gabriell 2019
Deposing Nathan Smedley, Zack 2019
Firestarter Sim, Tara 2019

Gender equality Léonard, Marie des Neiges 2019
Gender queer Kobabe, Maia 2019
Her royal highness Hawkins, Rachel 2019
Hold my hand Barakiva, Michael 2019
Ho'onani : hula warrior Gale, Heather 2019
How (not) to ask a boy to prom Goslee, S. J. 2019
How to be an antiracist Kendi, Ibram X. 2019
It feels good to be yourself : a book about gender identity Thorn, Theresa 2019
Ivy Aberdeen's letter to the world Blake, Ashley Herring 2019
Jacob's room to choose Hoffman, Sarah 2019
Juliet takes a breath Rivera, Gabby 2019
Kiss number 8 Venable, Colleen A. F. 2019
Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me Tamaki, Mariko 2019
Let's talk about love Kann, Claire 2019
LGBT families Currie-McGhee, L. K. 2019
Moonstruck. Vol. 2, Some enchanted evening Ellis, Grace 2019
New kid Craft, Jerry 2019
Odd one out Stone, Nic 2019
Of ice and shadows Coulthurst, Audrey 2019
Ordinary Hazards: A Memoir Grimes, Nikki 2019
Orpheus girl Rebele-Henry, Brynne 2019
Pet Emezi, Akwaeke 2019
Rainbow : a first book of pride Genhart, Michael 2019
Red at the bone Woodson, Jacqueline 2019
Redwood and Ponytail Holt, K. A. 2019
Rethinking normal : a memoir in transition Hill, Katie Rain 2019
Sam! Gabriel, Dani 2019
Saturdays with Hitchcock Wittlinger, Ellen 2019
Some girls bind James, Rory 2019
Something like gravity Smith, Amber 2019
Stage dreams Gillman, Melanie 2019
The birds, the bees, and you and me Hinebaugh, Olivia 2019
The Breakaways Johnson, Cathy G. 2019
The deepest breath Grehan, Meg 2019
The devouring gray Herman, Christine Lynn 2019
The downstairs girl Lee, Stacey 2019
The grief keeper Villasante, Alexandra 2019
The Handmaid's Tale: The Graphic Novel Atwood, Margaret 2019
The Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears Hamen, Susan E. 2019
The Last Man Vaughan, Brian K. 2019
The last to let go Smith, Amber 2019
The love & lies of Rukhsana Ali Khan, Sabina 2019
The meaning of birds Brown, Jaye Robin 2019
The mighty heart of Sunny St. James Blake, Ashley Herring 2019
The music of what happens Konigsberg, Bill 2019
The pants project Clarke, Cat 2019
The past and other things that should stay buried Hutchinson, Shaun David 2019
The red scrolls of magic Clare, Cassandra 2019
The stars and the blackness between them Petrus, Junauda 2019
The truth is Ramos, NoNieqa 2019
Things that make white people uncomfortable : adapted for young adults Bennett, Michae 2019
Trans mission : my quest to a beard Bertie, Alex 2019
Unpregnant Hendriks, Jenni 2019
Wait, what? : a comic book guide to relationships, bodies, and growing up Corinna, Heather 2019
We are lost and found Dunbar, Helene 2019

What Riley wore Arnold, Elana K. 2019
When Aidan became a brother Lukoff, Kyle 2019
White rabbit Roehrig, Caleb 2019
Zenobia July Bunker, Lisa 2019
Ziggy, Stardust & me Brandon, James 2019
All we can do is wait : a novel Lawson, Richard 2018
An African American and Latinx history of the United States Ortiz, Paul 2018
And she was Verdi, Jessica 2018
Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension Ahmed, Sara 2018
Boy erased : a memoir of identity, faith, and family Conley, Garrard 2018
Chainbreaker Sim, Tara 2018
Doing it! Witton, Hannah 2018
Everything you love will burn : inside the rebirth of white nationalism in America Tenold, Vegas 2018
Girl made of stars Blake, Ashley Herring 2018
Girl mans up Girard, M-E. 2018
Harvey Milk : the first openly gay elected official in the United States Hollander, Barbara Gottfried 2018
Hate crimes : when intolerance turns violent Sharif, Meghan 2018
Hurricane Child Callender, Kheryn 2018
La carta de Ivy Aberdeen al mundo Blake, Ashley Herrin 2018
Lawn Boy Evison, Jonathan 2018
LGBTQ rights Hyde, Natalie 2018
Lily and Dunkin Gephart, Donna 2018
Little & Lion Colbert, Brandy 2018
Meet cute Jennifer L. Armentrout 2018
Miles away from you Rutledge, A. B. 2018
Moonstruck. Vol. 1, Magic to brew Ellis, Grace 2018
My life as a diamond Manzer, Jenny 2018
Nate expectations Federle, Tim 2018
Nevertheless, we persisted : 48 voices of defiance, strength, and courage. Klobuchar, Amy 2018
Not my idea : a book about whiteness Higginbotham, Anastasia 2018
Not my idea : a book about whiteness Higginbotham, Anastasia 2018
One half from the east Hashimi, Nadia 2018
One true way Hitchcock, Shannon 2018
Peaceful fights for equal rights Sanders, Rob 2018
Political resistance in the current age Harris, Duchess 2018
Pride : the story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag Sanders, Rob 2018
Prince & knight Haack, Daniel 2018
Pulp Talley, Robin 2018
Sewing the rainbow : the story of Gilbert Baker and the rainbow flag Pitman, Gayle E. 2018
Ship it Lundin, Britta 2018
So you want to talk about race Oluo, Ijeoma 2018
Staying fat for Sarah Byrnes Crutcher, Chris 2018
The art of being normal Williamson, Lisa 2018
The Black power movement and civil unrest Hinton, Kerry 2018
The bride was a boy Chii (Mangaka) 2018
The Polar Bear Explorers' Club Bell, Alex 2018
The summer of Jordi Perez (and the best burger in Los Angeles) Spalding, Amy 2018
This is kind of an epic love story Callender, Kacen 2018
Tomorrow will be different : love, loss, and the fight for trans equality McBride, Sarah 2018
Underneath it all : a history of women's underwear Keyser, Amber 2018
Valkyrie. Book one, Between the blade and the heart Hocking, Amanda 2018
W is for welcome : a celebration of America's diversity Herzog, Brad 2018
What if it's us Albertalli, Becky 2018
What's racism? Rogers, Amy B. 2018
10 things I can see from here Mac, Carrie 2017

A line in the dark Lo, Malinda 2017
A very, very bad thing Self, Jeffery 2017
A woman's right to an abortion : Roe v. Wade Herda, D. J. 2017
Alan Cole is not a coward Bell, Eric 2017
All American Boys Reynolds, Jason 2017
At the broken places : a mother and trans son pick up the pieces Collins, Mary 2017
At the edge of the universe Hutchinson, Shaun David 2017
Autoboyography Lauren, Christina 2017
Before I had the words : on being a transgender young adult Kergil, Skylar 2017
Being Jazz : my life as a (transgender) teen Jennings, Jazz. 2017
Coming out as transgender Brezina, Corona 2017
Critical perspectives on gender identity Nicki Peter Petrikowski 2017
Drag teen : a tale of angst and wigs Self, Jeffery 2017
Draw the line Linn, Laurent 2017
Dreadnought Daniels, April 2017
Echo after echo Capetta, Amy Rose 2017
Far from the tree : how children and their parents learn to accept one another Solomon, Andrew 2017
Finding community Rodi, Robert 2017
Gender identity : the search for self Light, Kate 2017
George Gino, Alex 2017
Girl : love, sex, romance, and being you Rayne, Karen 2017
Girlness : deal with it body and soul Peters, Diane 2017
Guyness : deal with it body and soul Pitt, Steve 2017
History is all you left me Silvera, Adam 2017
Honestly Ben Konigsberg, Bill 2017
Identifying as transgender Woods, Sara 2017
Identity & gender Ogden, Charlie 2017
In other lands : a novel Brennan, Sarah Rees 2017
It's not like it's a secret Sugiura, Misa 2017
Jane, unlimited Cashore, Kristin 2017
Jaya and Rasa Patel, Sonia 2017
Kaleidoscope song Benwell, Fox 2017
Lana Wachowski Mapua, Jeff 2017
LGBTQ rights Susan Henneberg 2017
LGBTQ+ athletes claim the field : striving for equality Cronn-Mills, Kirstin 2017
Like water Podos, Rebecca 2017
Living with religion and faith Rodi, Robert 2017
Looking for group Harrison, Rory 2017
Mama's boyz : in living color! Craft, Jerry 2017
Mask of shadows Miller, Linsey 2017
Meg & Linus Nowinski, Hanna 2017
Our own private universe Talley, Robin 2017
Pants project Clarke, Cat 2017
Queer, there and everywhere : 23 people who changed the world Prager, Sarah 2017
Sovereign Daniels, April 2017
Sparkle boy Newman, Lesléa 2017
Spinning Walden, Tillie 2017
Star-crossed Dee, Barbara 2017
Symptoms of being human Garvin, Jeff 2017
Teens and gender dysphoria Nardo, Don 2017
The 57 Bus Slater, Dashka 2017
The best man Peck, Richard 2017
The edge of the abyss Skrutskie, Emily 2017
The gallery of unfinished girls Karcz, Lauren 2017
The Love Interest Dietrich, Cale 2017

The upside of unrequited Albertalli, Becky 2017
The you I've never known Hopkins, Ellen 2017
They both die at the end Silvera, Adam 2017
Transgender rights and protections Klein, Rebecca T. 2017
Transgender role models and pioneers Penne, Barbra 2017
Transphobia : deal with it and be a gender transcender Skelton, J. Wallace 2017
We are the ants Hutchinson, Shaun David 2017
We now return to regular life : a novel Wilson, Martin 2017
We were eight years in power : an American tragedy Coates, Ta-Nehisi 2017
Absolute brightness Lecesne, James 2016
Aleecia Wells, Maggie 2016
Alex Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia 2016
Are you LGBTQ? Nagle, Jeanne 2016
As I descended Talley, Robin 2016
Ask me how I got here Heppermann, Christine 2016
Away we go Ostrovski, Emil 2016
Beast Spangler, Brie 2016
Between the world and me Coates, Ta-Nehisi 2016
Bloodline Aros, Dana 2016
Candace Wells, Maggie 2016
Chasing the day Aros, Dana 2016
Con tango son tres Richardson, Justin 2016
Cradle and all Patterson, James 2016
Do you wonder about sex and sexuality? Feinstein, Stephen 2016
Double exposure Birdsall, Bridget 2016
Expecting Freeman, Shannon 2016
Freakboy Clark, Kristin Elizabeth 2016
Gracefully Grayson Polonsky, Ami 2016
Highly illogical behavior Whaley, John Corey 2016
If I was your girl Russo, Meredith 2016
Introducing Teddy : a gentle story about gender and friendship Walton, Jess 2016
Invisible man, got the whole world watching : a young black man's education Smith, Mychal Denzel 2016
Isabella Wells, Maggie 2016
Jasmine Wells, Maggie 2016
Jess, Chunk, and the road trip to infinity Clark, Kristin Elizabeth 2016
Just kill me Selzer, Adam 2016
Launching our Black children for success : a guide for parents of kids from three to eighteen Ladner, Joyce A 2016
Leroy Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia 2016
Look past Devine, Eric 2016
Love beyond body, space, and time : an indigenous LGBT sci-fi anthology Hope Nicholson 2016
Luciana Wells, Maggie 2016
Maria Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia 2016
Mikala Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia 2016
Of fire and stars Coulthurst, Audrey 2016
One of a kind, like me = Único como yo Mayeno, Laurin 2016
Pride : celebrating diversity & community Stevenson, Robin 2016
Qué nos hace humanos Garvin, Jeff 2016
Raise the stakes Atwood, Megan 2016
Read me like a book Kessler, Liz 2016
Sex, puberty, and all that stuff : a guide to growing up Bailey, Jacqui. 2016
Shawna Wells, Maggie 2016
South of Sunshine Elmendorf, Dana 2016
Stamped from the beginning : the definitive history of racist ideas in America Kendi, Ibram X. 2016
Tattoo Atlas Floreen, Tim 2016
Teens and LGBT issues Wilcox, Christine 2016

The great American whatever Federle, Tim 2016
The Lottery Hyman, Miles 2016
The other boy Hennessey, M. G. 2016
Tom Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia 2016
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Under threat Stevenson, Robin 2016
We march Evans, Shane 2016
Whatever Goslee, S. J. 2016
When the moon was ours McLemore, Anna-Marie 2016
Without Annette Mason, Jane B. 2016
Wonnie Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia 2016
Yo, Simon, homo sapiens Albertalli, Becky 2016
You know me well : a novel LaCour, Nina 2016
"Pink is a girl color" : ...and other silly things people say Drageset, Stacy 2015
Abortion : interpreting the constitution Hand, Carol 2015
Abortion Tamara Thompson 2015
Afterworlds Westerfeld, Scott 2015
Alex as well Brugman, Alyssa 2015
And still I rise : black America since MLK : an illustrated chronology Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. 2015
Anything could happen Walton, Will 2015
Aristoteles y Dante descubren los secretos del universo Saenz, Benjamin Alire 2015
Becoming Nicole : the transformation of an American family Nutt, Amy Ellis 2015
Beyond clueless Alsenas, Linas 2015
Combat zone Jones, Patrick 2015
Considering hate : violence, goodness, and justice in American culture and politics Whitlock, Kay 2015
Cut both ways Mesrobian, Carrie 2015
Daughters unto devils Lukavics, Amy 2015
Fans of the impossible life Scelsa, Kate 2015
Fathersonfather Jacobs, Evan 2015
Femme Bach, Mette 2015
Gender issues McIntosh, Kenneth 2015
Girls vs. guys : surprising differences between the sexes Rosen, Michael J. 2015
Grasshopper jungle : a history Smith, Andrew 2015
Guardian London, Alex 2015
High drama Terrell, Brandon 2015
Hold me closer : the Tiny Cooper story Levithan, David 2015
How prevalent is racism in society? Parks, Peggy J. 2015
How to love : a novel Cotugno, Katie 2015
I'll give you the sun Nelson, Jandy 2015
Lizard radio Schmatz, Pat 2015
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl Andrews, Jesse 2015
More happy than not Silvera, Adam 2015
My girlfriend's pregnant! : a teen's guide to becoming a dad Shantz-Hilkes, Chloe 2015
None of the above Gregorio, I. W. 2015
Not otherwise specified Moskowitz, Hannah 2015
Out of Darkness Perez, Ashley Hope 2015
Playing a part Wilke, Daria 2015
Promposal Helms, Rhonda 2015
Sex is a funny word : a book about bodies, feelings, and you Silverberg, Cory 2015
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens agenda Albertalli, Becky 2015
Still life Las Vegas Sie, James 2015
Summer love : an LGBTQ collection Annie Harper 2015
Te daría el sol Nelson, Jandy 2015
Teen legal rights Hudson, David L. 2015
Tell me again how a crush should feel Farizan, Sara 2015

The first principle : a novel Shrock, Marissa 2015
The five stages of Andrew Brawley Hutchinson, Shaun David 2015
The Gale encyclopedia of medicine Jacqueline L. Longe 2015
The gods of Tango De Robertis, Carolina 2015
The underground girls of Kabul : in search of a hidden resistance in Afghanistan Nordberg, Jenny 2015
This book is gay Dawson, Juno 2015
Top 250 LGBTQ books for teens : coming out, being out, and the search for community Cart, Michael 2015
Transgender lives : complex stories, complex voice Cronn-Mills, Kirstin 2015
Transgender people Tamara Thompson 2015
Two boys kissing Levithan, David 2015
Wandering son, vol. 8 Shimura, Takako 2015
What philosophy can do Gutting, Gary 2015
Will Grayson, Will Grayson Green, John 2015
Willful machines Floreen, Tim 2015
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You and me and him Dinnison, Kris 2015
Adam Schrag, Ariel 2014
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Citizen : an American lyric Rankine, Claudia 2014
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Does this happen to everyone? : a budding adult's guide to puberty Helms, Antje 2014
Everything changes Hale, Samantha 2014
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Fan art Tregay, Sarah 2014
Far from you Sharpe, Tess 2014
Gabi, a girl in pieces Quintero, Isabel 2014
Gender identity Petrikowski, Nicki Peter 2014
Great Benincasa, Sara 2014
I am Jazz! Herthel, Jessica 2014
Jacob's new dress Hoffman, Sarah 2014
Lies my girlfriend told me Peters, Julie Anne 2014
Love & leftovers : a novel in verse Tregay, Sarah 2014
Moon at nine Ellis, Deborah 2014
Morris Micklewhite and the tangerine dress Baldacchino, Christine 2014
My best friend, maybe Carter, Caela 2014
Native America and the question of genocide Alvarez, Alex 2014
No one needs to know Grace, Amanda 2014
One man guy Barakiva, Michael 2014
Remake Todd, Ilima 2014
Separate is never equal Tonatiuh, Duncan 2014
Sexual disorders Vitale, Ann E. 2014
Sexually transmitted diseases David Haugen et al 2014
Sexually transmitted infections Hunter, Miranda 2014
Some assembly required : the not-so-secret life of a transgender teen Andrews, Arin 2014
The baby tree Blackall, Sophie 2014
The boy I love Gramont, Nina de 2014
The edge of the water George, Elizabeth 2014
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The way back Mac, Carrie 2014
This One Summer Tamaki, Mariko 2014
Tomboy : a graphic memoir Prince, Liz 2014
Undone Clarke, Cat 2014
Wandering son, vol 7 Shimura, Takako 2014

Wandering son, vol. 6 Shimura, Takako 2014
Wonder Woman unbound : the curious history of the world's most famous heroine Hanley, Tim 2014
100 questions you'd never ask your parents : straight answers to teens' questions about sex, sexuality, and health Henderson, Elisabeth 2013
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Abortion Noël Merino 2013
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Ebony & ivy : race, slavery, and the troubled history of America's universities Wilder, Craig Steven 2013
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If you could be mine Farizan, Sara 2013
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Life in outer space Keil, Melissa 2013
Marco impossible Moskowitz, Hannah 2013
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On the come up : a novel, based on a true story Weyer, Hannah 2013
One of those hideous books where the mother dies Sones, Sonya 2013
Openly straight Konigsberg, Bill 2013
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Sex David Haugen 2013
Sexual orientation Lauri S. Scherer 2013
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Wandering son, vol. 5 Shimura, Takako 2013
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Wandering son, vol. 2 Shimura, Takako 2011
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