A Burkburnett writer has been given a deal to bring his book 'The Fallen' to the big screen.

Dr. Clay Kahler's novel 'The Fallen' was optioned by Douglas Curtis, known for producing films like 'Freddy vs. Jason', 'Shark Night 3D', and 'Friday After Next'.

The book, published four years ago this month, deals with the Shaw brothers, one who grew up to be a pastor while the other ended up as a death row inmate.

The Fallen - Clay a. Kahler
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The description from Amazon reads,

Out of deceit, betrayal, and murder, can reconciliation and forgiveness arise?

Forged in the hot west Texas wind, the Allen brothers grew up. Johnny and Coy had the same parents, same environment and had the same advantages and disadvantages. Yet they would grow up to be so different. Coy, the younger Allen brother, grew up to be a successful Baptist Pastor, Johnny, a death row inmate.

With years of separation and a wall of bitterness and rage, can these two men come together, can there be reconciliation? This is a story of murder, mystery and redemption. Dr. Coy Allen is a preacher, an evangelist, a minister of the Gospel. But, there is one man that he had never even tried to reach. Now after years of silence, with his execution looming, Johnny Allen is asking to see his younger brother.

Can Pastor Coy Allen bring himself to forgive his older brother; can he practice what he preaches?

The film is listed on IMDB with an estimated budget of $6,000,000, and while no cast is listed, it looks to be planned for release next year.

Clay A. Kahler
Clay A. Kahler

According to his bio, Dr. Kahler served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm in the Army, later transitioning into a career in law enforcement as an officer and a bounty hunter. He holds a Bachelor's degree, two Masters, his Ph.D. in Theology, and is the founder of the Christian Motorcycle Club, the Soldiers of the Cross.

'The Fallen' is not Dr. Kahler's first published work, having also released 'Simple Theology: Theology for the Rest of Us', 'Against Protestant Popes', 'Torn Asunder: A Biblical Look at Divorce and Remarriage', 'Salvation: God's Greatest Miracle', and 'The Unashamed: The Inductive Method of Bible Study'.

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