Smell the lawsuit coming a mile away with this one.

Looks like back on June 17th, Brittany Davis and her daughter entered the Taco Bell at 11829 Abrams Road in Dallas. Some details have been released at this time, but I am assuming this incident happened at night. I say this because the dining room was locked. Brittany's order was apparently wrong twice in the drive thru.

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Brittany and her daughter went to the dining room to see the workers face to face about the situation. Apparently something was not going right with their order and they wanted an explanation. A worker let them in and they attempted to figure out what was going on. According to Brittany, the employees became combative.

Another employee, who Brittany assumed was the manager, who was not involved, came out of the kitchen and threw a bucket of boiling water onto them. I am assuming in 2022, Taco Bell has some sort of security cameras on the premises, so I assume that footage will eventually come out.

Looks like Brittany and her daughter suffered severe burns from the incident. According to WFAA in Dallas, Davis's clothes had to be cut off with the skin still attached by hospital staff. She was then care-flighted to an ICU burn unit in Dallas. Brittany's daughter suffered severe burns to her face, chest, legs, arms, and stomach. The burns on her face will cause discoloring and scarring that will forever impact her self-image," the suit states.

Taco Bell released the following statement on the situation: “We take the safety and wellbeing of team members and customers seriously. Taco Bell is in contact with the franchise owner and operator of this restaurant on this matter and cannot comment on specifics of pending litigation."

Guess we will wait and see what happens with this case as more information comes out.

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