A wedding can be an expensive affair when all the final costs are tallied up. However, one couple shocked their friends after they sent out their save the dates which asked for money to cover the cost of their reception.

An invitee took to Reddit explaining the bride and groom implemented a "tiered" wedding system for the big day. Per the system, the more money a guest contributed to their event, the more of the celebration they were allowed to attend.

"So a couple I know got married and in their save the date invite they mentioned that they did not have the budget for their dream wedding so invited contributions. There was a link and they said they will plan [the] wedding according [to] the amount of contributions," the person wrote via Reddit.

They added the wedding was a destination wedding, and that due to "work commitments," they could not attend personally but did make a contribution to the fund and "wished them the best."

Although they weren't able to attend, they do know people who went to the event.

"Now a few friends of mine went and how they planned their wedding was that you were given a time to attend the wedding and depending on the amount you contributed you were allowed in at a certain time. So people who contributed more attended [the] ceremony and dinner and reception, you get the idea," they continued.

They also noted that the couple asked some "friends in the music industry" to play at their reception. Guests who didn't contribute much money to the fund weren't invited to the live music portion of the party.

"My jaw dropped when I found out, because first of all not everyone's circumstances are the same," the person added.

In the comments section, Reddit users were baffled by the bride and groom's "audacity" to demand their friends pay for their reception.

"Crowdfunding your wedding is, in and of itself, borderline tacky. But then to determine how much time someone can spend at the reception based on how much they gave? Insanely tacky," one person wrote.

"Apparently they didn’t skimp on the audacity budget," someone else commented.

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