Not a good week for restaurants in Wichita Falls.

Sadly, we have to add to closings list in Wichita Falls this week. Earlier this week I let you know that Krank It Karaoke closed their doors for good after fifteen years in Wichita Falls. Another one saying goodbye to us is the Burger King off of Kemp Boulevard. A sign posted on the door thanks the customers for their business and tells them that the location downtown off of Holiday is still open.

All I'm saying is I'm going to be mad if Burger King brings out some awesome watches when the new Jurassic World movie comes out. Burger King had all the cool watches when I was a kid, Jurassic Park, Rugrats, and The Simpsons. At least we do have the other location in town, even if it is a bit of further drive for some of us.

The other restaurant that maybe closing only has one location in our city. Red Lobster also off of Kemp Boulevard. A commercial lockout notice from a Wichita Falls attorney’s office is on the door of the restaurant, according to KFDX. The notice states its closure is due to unpaid rent, and the landlord has exercised the right to change the door locks.

“The Emergency Orders and Regulations in place to address the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic rendered Red Lobster unable to use and occupy the premises for its intended purpose. Red Lobster has invoked appropriate protections under the law because it has been unable to use the premises,” officials with Red Lobster said. We will see if the rent gets paid and if they can re-open soon.

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