A bunch of porta potties caught fire outside of AT&T stadium over the weekend and Twitter’s got jokes.

I knew it was coming, though. Haters never miss an opportunity to rag on the Cowboys. But if I’m being honest, I never miss an opportunity to rag on the Eagles. Or the Commanders. Or the Giants. Or the 49ers.

Anyway, I digress.

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But honestly, I thought more folks would take advantage of their chance to talk trash about the Cowboys. However, for the most part, people are just having a little fun with the fact that poop is on fire.

All joking aside, though, how the hell does something like that happen? I can’t help but think it was the work of either a prankster maybe popping off a firecracker in a porta potty or a straight-up arsonist.

Whatever the case may be, I feel sorry for the firefighters who responded to the call. Because you know that was one gross fire to put out.

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