I know the issue of flag burning sparks some pretty heated debate.  It should.  Our flag stands as a symbol of our nations independence and resilience.  For some other nations around the world, it has been a symbol of hope, for others , a symbol of fear.  America is simply the most successful, stable and unified nation that has ever existed on this planet.  We've enjoyed 235 years of relative peace and stable government.  No bloody coup attempts (no, the civil war does not count; another blog for another time), and in spite of a dozen assassination attempts and four successful assassinations of U.S. Presidents, we've not had our government overthrown by another.  I firmly believe that our flag is a sacred thing, a symbol to be honored, as it represents the collective sacrifices of generations of Americans.  For someone to burn it for any other means than honorable incineration due to age and wear, well, if I were in charge, it would be a capital offense.  I don't view it as free speech.  If it is speech at all, it's hate speech, if such truly exists!  Check out this story from Fox News about the vile act that took place on one veteran's front porch!

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