Precious memories of going to games at the old Texas Stadium. Rumors are circulating that this once popular sports site could be home to a new Dallas team.

April 11,2010 Texas Stadium Imploded

Texas Stadium Implosion
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Sad day for Cowboys fans as the home stadium for the team was imploded over a decade ago. Ever since then, it literally has done nothing. The site is currently used by the Texas Department of Transportation. The land is currently used by them to hold equipment for projects in North Texas. Looks like someone is interested in making this

Sands Corporation Purchases Land Near Old Texas Stadium

Looks like the property which once housed the five time Super Bowl Champions could be turned into a casino. Here is where things get interesting from here. The casino corporation that bought this would be The Sands. Why is that so interesting?

Sands Casino Owners Just Bought the Dallas Mavericks


Pictured above is Miriam Adelson who is the new owner of the Dallas Mavericks and owner of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. Obviously with this massive 100 acre land purchase it is rumored that a casino resort with a basketball stadium could be moving in. Mark Cuban the former Mavericks owner has stated many times how much he hates the American Airlines Center for years and has wanted to upgrade it. Looks like the Miriam Adelson could help make that new stadium a reality.

Casinos Still Illegal in Texas Is The Major Problem

A house bill was proposed earlier this year to legalize casinos in the state of Texas. House Bill 2843 was most recently postponed as of November 29th 2023. Maybe if a casino could not be built here, they could build a new stadium then attach the casino once it is legalized. Obviously it's all rumors at this point, but we will wait and see what happens. I miss Texas Stadium every time I go to a Cowboys game. Getting home was SO MUCH EASIER in Irving since the highway was right there. I personally don't have any major problems with the current home of the Mavericks, so it will be interesting to see how the next few years go in North Texas.

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