A 23-year-old Texas man has been arrested after decapitating his wife and putting her head in the refrigerator while their two children were at home.

Police reports indicate that Davie Dauzat's brother called the Bellmead Police Department just after 8 a.m. on Thursday morning, saying he was concerned for his brother's well-being. He hadn't spoken to Davie in a few months and had received strange phone calls the night before and that morning. Police arrived at Davie's home and spoke with both Davie and his wife, 21-year-old Natasha. The responding officers determined there was no cause for concern at that time and left. Police received another call from Davie's brother just after 11 a.m. saying Davie just called him and said he'd killed Natasha.

When police returned, Davie answered the door covered in blood but immediately closed the door and refused to come back out. Knowing the couples' toddlers were in the house, a negotiator was brought in to try to talk Davie down. Davie ultimately came outside to surrender and was immediately arrested. Officers then entered the mobile home to check on the children, finding them unharmed. Natasha's beheaded body was discovered in the home and her head was in the freezer.

According to KXXV, Nathasha's family intends to care for the couples' children, ages 2 and 1. Davie is currently being charged with 1st Degree Murder and is held in a $500,000 bond.