Remember when your parents said collecting Pokemon cards was a waste of time? Looks like someone's card was worth several pretty pennies at a recent auction.

Back in the day I was obsessed with Pokemon. Being ten-years-old in 1999, nothing and I mean nothing had a bigger grip on my life than Pokemon. The geniuses in marketing for Pokemon had kids begging for more, Gotta catch'em all, right? Pokemon had delved into several different collectibles, but nothing was bigger than the trading cards.

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One card reigned supreme over them all, a holographic Charizard. If you had this thing in your collection, you were the coolest. I legit got one on Christmas Day 1999. My Aunt Debbie sent me a pack of cards for Christmas, it was all I asked for that year. Inside that pack was a Charizard. I might have passed out due to excitement. Below is my Charizard that has been sitting in that card holder since 1999.

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If I am ever desperate for cash, I may have to sell my old friend here because Pokemon card prices are only going up. This week in Dallas, Heritage Auctions had a massive card sale which included a perfect rated first edition Charizard. This means it was from the first English printed cards and the perfect rated means nothing is wrong with the card. No scratches or fading. Only 121 cards have ever been given a perfect rating.

Above is the card that was featured in the auction and fetched a whopping $336,000 last week. I'm curious what my Charizard is worth, I think I would be living out of my truck before I sell that thing though.

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