It's a long shot, but hey it's still a shot.

Did You Know Cole Hauser Has His Own Coffee Company?

In the middle of staring in Yellowstone, Cole Hauser decided to develop a coffee company. Free Reign has become very popular and pretty soon you will be able to pick it up in a Wichita Falls drive thru, very soon.

HTeaO to Start Serving Free Reign Coffee

The popular iced tea chain is going to start serving Free Reign Coffee. You can pick up a cup of American Dirt (dark roast) and Homestead (medium roast) in various drip, lattes and espresso drinks. Looks like Cole Hauser has a little contest going. Which ever HTeaO location sells the most Free Reign Coffee this year, he will make a surprise visit to that location.

HTeaO in Wichita Falls

Google Maps
Google Maps

We do have a HTeaO location in Wichita Falls at 2211 Southwest Parkway. I do not know when we will be getting this coffee here, but it is apparently coming to all locations. So I guess we technically have a shot at getting him to make an appearance in Wichita Falls. I would say if you're a super fan of his, give that coffee a shot once in awhile. Who knows, if a bunch of people in Wichita Falls buy it up. He could come for a visit in 2025.


I'm just saying...anything is possible.

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