If you grew up watching those 90's Cowboys teams, you know if you wanted to go to a Super Bowl, the 49er's would be showing up sometime in the playoffs that year.

One of my favorite NFL rivalries is coming back to fruition. The Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers. Although they probably don't get as much hate from Dallas fans as Philly, New York, or Washington. The 49ers and Cowboys rivalry is mainly playoff based. Here is what is crazy to me. The Cowboys have actually played one other team more than the 49ers in the playoffs. Surprising to me, it's actually the Los Angeles Rams a total of nine times. The 49ers and Cowboys will tie that record with nine after Sunday.

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The 49ers are actually the ones that eliminated the Cowboys just last year from the playoffs. Today though, I want to go through the whole history of this historic rivalry.

1970 NFC Championship Game Dallas 17 - San Francisco 10

This would be the first NFC Championship game since the merger of the NFL and AFL. This would be Super Bowl V that the teams would be competing for. Dallas would advance into the big game, but sadly would lose to the Baltimore Colts. This would be Dallas' first ever Super Bowl appearance, but definitely not the last.

1971 NFC Championship Game Dallas 14 -San Francisco 3

They had so much fun last season, let's do it again. This time though the 49ers would not get into the end zone all day. This would be Roger Staubach's first full year as the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback. However, running the ball got the team the win on this day. Rushing the ball for over 170 yards in the game. Dallas would advance to Super Bowl VI and get their first ever victory in the big game as a franchise.

1972 NFC Divisional Game Dallas 30- San Francisco 28

Three straight playoff appearances for these two? Yeah. This one started out interesting though. Roger Staubach was dealing with a shoulder injury and backup QB Craig Morton started the game. Going into the fourth quarter he had one touchdown and two interceptions. Dallas trailed 28-13 with one quarter remaining. Roger Staubach has many nicknames, but this is where he earned the 'Captain Comeback' one. Scoring 17 points in the fourth to get the Cowboys the win. Sadly, Dallas would get killed in the next round to Washington 26-3.

1981 NFC Championship Game San Francisco 28-Dallas 27

Yes, we all know why this one is famous. "The Catch", considered one of the most legendary plays in NFL history. Sadly it had to come at the expense of my Dallas Cowboys. What is most surprising to me. This is the only time the Cowboys and 49ers would meet in the 80's in the playoffs. The 49ers dominated this decade, but the Cowboys in the early to mid 80's were still fighting in the playoffs. You would think at some point the two would see each other again, but we would have to wait til the 90's.

1992 NFC Championship Game Dallas 30 - San Francisco 20

This right here is my era of Dallas Cowboys football with the players I grew up rooting for. This is where my knowledge of the 49ers/Cowboys goes because spoiler alert. The two teams would meet in the NFC Championship game for three straight seasons. This was also the birth of 'How Bout them Cowboys' from Jimmy Johnson. This is the beginning of the Dallas Cowboys 90's dynasty as they get their third all time Super Bowl win.

1993 NFC Championship Game Dallas 38 - San Francisco 21

These two would meet again the following season as I mentioned before. This one though wasn't close. However, something people forget about this game. Troy Aikman left with a concussion and Bernie Kosar came in to close out the game giving Dallas a big win before going onto win back to back Super Bowls.

1994 NFC Championship Game San Francisco 38 - Dallas 28

This would be the first NFC Championship not in Dallas during the 90's and the Dallas Cowboys unveiled a new jersey this season. Some people think these flashy uniforms are why the Cowboys lost and the team has not worn them again since. Dallas started this game bad. Pick six to give the 49ers an early lead, San Francisco actually went up 21-0 in the first quarter. Dallas tried to mount a comeback, but sadly ran out of time in the end. San Francisco would go on to win the Super Bowl this season and preventing the Cowboys from the threepeat.

2021 Wild Card Game San Francisco 23 - Dallas 17

This one hurts because I was at this game last year. I still don't know what the hell happened at the end of the game. That ref sure took his sweet ass time getting that ball under center. Who knows what could have happened on that next play. We will see what happens this Sunday. Hopefully Cowboys want revenge for what happened last year in the Wild Card round.

Remember you can listen to the playoff game this Sunday in Wichita Falls on 106.3 the Buzz and NewsTalk1290.

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