You Christmas people need to wait your turn. November is Thanksgiving's time to shine.

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If you already have a Christmas tree up, you're a crazy person in my book. Every year Christmas slowly starts creeping up earlier and earlier. The fact I saw Christmas themed commercials on Halloween night was disgusting. What happened to the 25 days of Christmas? I was even willing to give up the end of November to you Christmas loving folks.


You start encroaching on Halloween, now we got problems. Looks like over in Dallas a bar has instituted a new policy on their jukebox. No Mariah Carey 'All I Want for Christmas is You' until December 1st. Even then, it will be played just once a day. I think this is mainly for the staff that don't have alcohol to drown out the music and they're the ones that have to listen to it.

This has led to some upset Mariah fans and I don't know why. The Christmas song is the only one banned. Throw on 'Fantasy' with Ol Dirty Bastard and that's a good choice on the jukebox in my book.

By the way, here in Wichita Falls we deal with P2 downtown that has a No Rap No Refund policy on their jukebox. Fun fact, most rap albums are not even available. However, movie albums are if you feel like being a troll like myself on a Saturday night. Happy holidays everyone, but please let Thanksgiving get some time.

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