A former NFC East rival with will be trying to keep the Boys from getting back into the win category. Here is this weeks Cowboys fun facts about the Cardinals.

In just week three, the Cowboys have already had two prime time games. This time the boys will be playing on Monday Night Football. which you can listen to in its entirety on NewsTalk 1290. The Cardinals and the Cowboys used to be division rivals, but when the Texans joined the NFL in 2002, they did some reconstructing. Having four divisions in each league, with four teams in each. This meant the Cardinals got pushed into the NFC West.

Cowboys fans loved those Cardinal teams, especially during the 90s. From 1990-1996, the Cowboys won thirteen straight against the Cardinals, which is longest streak for any opponent for the Cowboys. In the past 32 games against the Cardinals, the Cowboys have won 22 of them. In total, the Cowboys have played them 88 times and won 55 of them.

Obviously, the only teams the Cowboys have faced more in regular season are the Giants, Redskins and Eagles. Since those three are still in the East with the Boys. The Cardinals were not always in Arizona. They have spent time in Chicago and Saint Louis. Since the move to Arizona,the Cowboys have met 37 times with Dallas holding a 23-14 record.

If you're a Cardinals fan, a little bit of hope for you. The Cardinals are 10-9 against the Boys at home. Not much of a winning record, but still a winning record. If the Boys win, that would put their record in Arizona to a even .500 winning percentage.

That's not all that can happen on Monday. If the Cowboys would go to 2-1, they would be undefeated against NFC opponents. The Cowboys currently have a losing streak going against the Cardinals, which is sitting at four straight wins for Red Birds. Also put an end to a losing streak in Arizona, which sits at three right now.

The Cowboys have another shot at 100 wins this week. This time it would be 100 victories against NFC West opponents. Since this is the big Monday Night game, the Cowboys could add to their record of 45 wins on Mondays. Which is second all time to the San Francisco 49ers.

Pregame will start at 6:30 on NewsTalk 1290. Kickoff is set for 7:30. As always, Go Cowboys!