AT&T Stadium was rocking Sunday afternoon, but the Cowboys Valley Ranch facility was shaking for different reasons yesterday.

As most of us have heard by now, an earthquake hit the Dallas area yesterday. Apparently it was so quick, a few people didn't even notice it. A big force of the earthquake was felt at the old Texas Stadium where the Cowboys used to play. The Valley Ranch area is only a few miles away.

A couple of the players were there preparing for Sunday's playoff game against Green Bay. "I was actually laying on the couch over there and I felt a little rumble, and I was like 'What the heck is that,'" said defensive end Jeremy Mincey.

"It didn't scare me, it was over before I could even realize what it was," said wide receiver Cole Beasley. "Dwayne (Harris) was like 'Did you feel that?' And I was like 'Kind of, but I don't know what that was.' I've never felt an earthquake before."

"We seen the screen shake, and no one really knew what it was," defensive end Tyron Crawford said. "Some guys said 'earthquake.' I've never experienced it. I don't know what to do when an earthquake hits, I've heard things fall."

Well the Cowboys better be getting ready for some brutal weather in Green Bay. As of right now, a high of 23 degrees is expected. Better load up on all that new Nike long sleeve apparel they got.

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