We all know them: the hybrid drivers.  Those are people who think that, by spending four or five grand more for a glorified golf cart, somehow, they are going to save the planet.  They're the ones who believe that global warming is real and that those of us who drive trucks are the scourges of society.  They are the super-militant elitists who believe that anyone who drives a truck should be hanged from the nearest tree.  They wouldn't want you cut that tree down for firewood or a cook-out, but they'd hang you from it in a heartbeat. Mental giants, they are.

I've heard a couple of stories from listeners who've been assaulted, verbally at least, in parking lots and even at a fast food drive thru, by people who hated them because they were driving a truck!  Where do these idiots come from?  The video below is a perfect illustration of the kind of shear stupidity that infects our society.

Warning! The following video does have some profanity.  The attacker chastises the truck owner as being 'irresponsible', but she has no problem cussing like a sailor in front of their kids.  Yes, those environmentally minded people are so much more superior to the rest of us!

Watch this Prius owner go crazy and verbally assault a truck owner.