Everyone, it seems, is piling on Donald Trump over his remarks regarding illegals from Mexico.  I think I understand what The Donald was trying to say:

We have immigration laws, immigration policy, that the feds refuse to enforce.  We have porous border and we do an amazingly bad job of managing it.  We cannot allow just anyone and everyone to enter the nation at will. When we do, we end up with not just people seeking opportunity to earn a living; we also end up with murderers, rapists, drug mules, human traffickers, MS-13 gang members and God-only-knows what else.  And while the percentages of bad guys/gals may be relatively low, anything greater than zero is simply unacceptable.  We must fix this problem now and as permanently as possible.

Yes, I think that is where he was trying to go with that.  But Donald Trump is an independent cuss, to borrow a phrase from my late grandmother.  I don’t think he has many ‘handlers’.  I think he allowed his mouth to run a bit over-the-top on this one to say the least.   The fact is, America has a very serious problem with its border, but it’s not just Uncle Sugar’s failure at play here.  There’s some corporate influence too, no doubt about it.

Case in point: Microsoft.  The tech giant announced another round of layoffs on Wednesday.  CNN Money reports that the company is laying off about 7,800 employees or about 7 percent of its current worldwide workforce.  The company axed 18,000 last year in a bloodletting that is still difficult to believe.  So what does that have to do with immigration issues in the United States?  Microsoft has about 60,000 employees in the U.S.  It certainly stands to reason that at least some of those 7,800 newly fired souls will be culled from the herd here in America.  Tech giants like Microsoft and Google have been arguing for ‘immigration reform’ for some time.

We all know that when anyone in Washington starts talking ‘immigration reform’ it’s really code speak for ‘screw the laws and let ‘em come flowing in like wine’.  Amnesty is what they really want.  The pool of cheaper labor and future voters is just too tempting to pass up.  Facebook announced a new ‘data center’ to be built in Fort Worth.  Facebook, along with other techs and even privately run prisons, spend big bucks via lobbyists, pushing, pulling and prodding like mad for immigration reform.  Do you think there are lobbying for the best interests of those crossing the border or for themselves?  If I have to tell you, you really don’t need to know.

We have a few in Washington who, at least for now, seem willing to take meaningful steps to stem the flow of tens of thousands of illegals crossing our borders.  Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott have expressed the need for ultra-tight border security and reforms that encourage legal immigration.  Hillary Clinton favors even broader amnesty for illegals.  It’s a bit of a shift from her 2003 stance of being ‘adamantly against illegal immigrants’.  Can Trump fix this mess?  Yes and no.  The bigger issue, politically that is, is that it's not a job anyone who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue can fix on his or her own.

Real reforms at the federal level have to come from congress.  All spending bills originate in the House of Representatives.  It’s well past time for these men and women to pull their heads out of their butts and do something.  The power of the purse is yours, Representatives.  Need money?  Do some de-funding and you’ll be amazed at how much money will be available!  Might I suggest you start with the EPA, Dept. of Education, Dept. of Energy and all funding for the United Nations?  You should be able to start one helluva fence with that cash.

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