What the f*** is going on in OKC?!

Every week we share stories from our local Crimestoppers organization about crimes in our area or their most wanted fugitives. Just north of us in Oklahoma City, their local Crimestoppers shared a heartbreaking video that is honestly shocking to hear. Apparently someone is drowning dogs in a pond at Edwards Park.

Starting on January 19th, Oklahoma City police were alerted about a dead dog found in a bag in the pond. Apparently the bag at one point had been tied down to weigh it down allowing it to sink. Since that first bag, another THREE have been found in the same pond. Police are looking for any tips from local folks about what is going on at this pond.

"These dogs have been tied up to either cinderblock or a brick or something heavy to weigh the dogs down obviously so they can throw them in there and die," said MSgt. Jennifer Wardlow with the OKCPD. "We want to put this out there hoping that maybe someone who lives in the area might have seen something suspicious, because whoever is doing this is taking the dogs to the pier there at the pond and simply throwing them off the pier weighted down."

Me personally, I am hoping that these dogs were already dead and this person is disposing of their bodies. PLEASE NOTE DO NOT DISPOSE OF YOUR DEAD DOG LIKE THIS! However, I doubt in the past month someone has had four dogs naturally die and decided to 'bury them' at this pond.

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Sounds like some sick individual is running around Oklahoma City and hopefully the police get some tips in about this case. Folks in Oklahoma City are encouraged to call (405) 235-7300 about any tips regarding this case.

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