In what looks like "a whole lot of NOPE!", a Texas Parks and Wildlife ranger found a spider web so big that it caught a bird.

Ranger Josh with Texas Parks and Wildlife was tasked with safe removal of a House Finch from the web of a black and yellow garden spider, the Argiope Aurantia, near Mission Tejas Park in East Texas.

Black and Yellow Garden Spider catches bird in web (Texas Parks and Wildlife)

While the picture is enough to incite nightmares in anyone with a touch of arachnophobia, the spider isn't terribly big. Males can range from .2 to .35 inches, with females ranging from .75 to 1.1 inches. For such a small spider, its impressive that it could construct a web strong enough to capture a 6 in. bird. The Argiope Autantia is known to bite if provoked, but its venom isn't known to be harmful to humans.

Ranger Josh was successful in removing the bird without damaging the web.