When it comes to children's shows from the 90's, 'Barney and Friends' was definitely one of the most popular. It was just announced it will be coming back so let's take a look back at the famous purple dinosaur.

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Fun fact, the original Barney TV show was filmed in Dallas, Texas. For a period of time, you could argue Barney was the biggest show in Texas. Kids loved that purple dinosaur, but sadly Barney had his fun and left us in 2010. 'Barney and Friends' lasted almost 30 years and for a kid's show that's massive.

Barney Reboot

Yesterday, we found out Barney is coming back! This time though it will be an animated show. I will admit, I will miss the Barney from my childhood. I was 3 when Barney was on TV, so you can imagine I was obsessed with him. I don't know any kid who wasn't around my age. Turns out the show helped get some kids their stepping stones into acting and some of them turned into some pretty big names.

Selena Gomez

Before she became a massive pop star and blow up on the Disney Channel. Selena Gomez would play Gianna on seasons 7 through 8 of Barney and Friends. Selena grew up in Grand Prairie and was on 13 episodes of 'Barney and Friends' from 2002-2004. She was let go after this because producers thought she was told old for the Barney show at that point. During her time on Barney, she also got an acting role on another famous Texas show, Walker Texas Ranger.

Selena Gomez would appear on several Disney Channel shows throughout the years including Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, and Suite Life of Zack and Cody. She got her big break with her own show called Wizards of Waverly Place. However, Selena Gomez got her start with the big purple dinosaur.

Demi Lovato

It's either Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato for the most famous kid to come out of the Barney TV show. Demi Lovato actually grew up in New Mexico, but after her parents divorced. She moved in with her older sister in Dallas. Fun fact, Demi Lovato's mom was at one point a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Just like Selena Gomez, Lovato's first role ever was on Barney and Friends. Demi and Selena were both on the same seasons of the show(7 and 8). Demi played Angela on the show. She would go on to have Disney Channel success and a very successful music career.

Danielle Vega

Erica Rhodes is her real name, but for acting she goes as Danielle Vega. For the most famous kids to come out of the show, she spent the most time with Barney. Seasons 3 to 6 playing as a kid named Kim. After Barney, she had a somewhat successful acting career on East Los High and Chicago Med. Besides Barney, she is probably most famous for trying out on American Idol in a dominatrix outfit. You can watch that above. Probably trying to prove she was not the little girl from Barney anymore.

Debby Ryan

Another star who got her start on Barney and would have another successful Disney Channel career. I think Disney executives were just poaching Barney talent and as soon as the kids hit their teens. They signed to Disney. You can see Debby in the video above at 47 minute and 43 second mark. This was her first credited role ever. Besides her Disney Channel run, she was one of the kids trying to sell us iDogs back in the day. Remember these things.

Madison Pettis

Although she was only on Barney for one season back in 2005 playing a girl named Bridget. It did help her land a very big movie role in 2007, portraying Dwyane 'The Rock' Johnson's long lost daughter in the movie 'The Game Plan'. Who made that movie? Disney! Once again stealing the Barney kids.

That's not all, Madison actually spent some time on the TV show 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader' showing off her smarts.

So what is Madison up to nowadays? Well she recently starred in an 'American Pie' movie called 'Girls Rule'. How many American Pie movies are there? (Goes to Google real quick)...THEY MADE NINE AMERICAN PIE MOVIES?!

Jaren Lewison

Showed off the famous girls of Barney, but let's shine a light on at least one guy. Jaren Lewison portrayed Joshua on a couple episodes of Barney for one season. You can see him at the beginning of this special. He is the kid in the red shirt. Jaren grew up in Dallas and nowadays has a pretty successful run on the Netflix show 'Never Have I Ever'.

Although MANY more kids appearing on the Barney show, these six were the most famous. I know this new Barney show is animated, but I think we have a chance of having Barney back in North Texas. You may remember Frisco is getting their own Universal theme park. At one point in time, Barney had a stage show at Universal Studios. Could we get Barney back in Texas? We will wait and see.

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