The FBI were able to locate him after he made a pretty alarming post on Facebook.

Believe me, I'm sick of the coronavirus stories as well. This one is just too insane not to share. Looks like the FBI paid a visit to the home of 39-year-old Christopher Charles Perez in San Antonio. They had some questions about one of his recent Facebook posts. He claims that he paid someone who had recently tested positive for coronavirus, to go grocery shopping at a local San Antonio store.

He says he did this "to deter people from visiting the stores, purportedly in order to prevent the spread of the virus.' I guess if people are scared about this person shopping at their store, they will just stay home. The United States Department of Justice said the alleged threat was false and no one spread coronavirus at grocery stores. It doesn't matter Christopher still has some charges coming his way.

He is facing a charge of hoaxes involving biological agents, which comes with a federal prison sentence of up to five years. Hope it was worth it man.

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