Hopefully everyone in Burkburnett is doing good right now with the crazy storm that rolled in Sunday night.

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KFDX reported that over 4,000 people were without power in the Burkburnett area yesterday and power was expected to be restored by 9 last night. As of this writing, over 1,000 people are still without power in the area according to the Oncor outage map. The map also says it is unknown when power will be restored at this time.

We have seen the photos from KAUZ of the storm with people's trees being uprooted from the ground due to the high winds. Just shows the power that these storms are capable of producing. KFDX meteorologist Michael Boling shared a video from one of his viewers of a tree branch landing right on someone's truck.

Actually, that's more like half the tree landing on this person's truck. Probably inside praying that the tree would hold and then bam, this happens. At least you got video evidence for the insurance company. Many others in Burk are assessing the damage from the storm on Sunday.

It looks like if you're in the tree removal business in the area, you will be making some money over the next few weeks. Hopefully those still without power get that restored sooner rather than later. When I was getting the video posted above, I noticed Michael also said our area has a slight change of storms tonight as well. Hopefully it doesn't hit Burk as bad as Sunday.

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