Alright Texoma, we need to come together and find this girl for this guy.

Crazy Story Posted in Burk Rants and Raves

So I typically ignore the Rants and Raves pages in our area because it is usually people b***ing about stuff I have literally zero interest in. However, one guy posted a story this morning looking for his long lost love from almost a decade ago. Since it is a part of a group, I cannot put it in my story, but here is the link to confirm this is real.

Check Out Jakob Emmanuel's Post Below

This is the most random post I believe I will ever make.
Hi y’all, I’m Jakob. I used to travel around OK and TX for rodeos when I was younger and I came to Burk for a rodeo between 2011-2012. It was definitely 2011 sometime. When I was there I met a girl named Ashton who was the rodeo princess or queen ( not really sure ) and we really hit it off. I’m now 24 and time has flown by. I saw her once after, she came to Oklahoma to my towns festival in rush springs Oklahoma. The watermelon festival, and that was the last time I ever saw her.
This sounds like a stretch and I know how cheesy it is, but that girl left an imprint on my heart that a part of me hasn’t been able to get over. I’m starting to think she isn’t even real LOL but all I know is her name, Ashton, and that she was a rodeo queen or princess in burkburnett around 2011-2014.
If someone can help me reach out to her and put an end to my almost 10 year search for a love I made when I was a young kid, I’d greatly appreciate it

Where is This Ashton?!

I'm doing my digging into this and I can't find anything on an Ashton competing in the Burkburnett Rodeo back in 2011. Somebody has to know who this guy is talking about and I am a sucker for a long lost love story. So if I can help get his story out there more and get some more eyeballs on it. Let's help Emmanuel find some love. The post has been flooded with comments with people trying to help, but Emmanuel did share some more.

I remember her coming to my hometown in Oklahoma for a festival. We rode the carnival rides and she got scared and I held her saying it would be okay. I remember that dearly. It’s been 10 years, but I’ve never stopped thinking about her. Sounds hopeless, but I genuinely appreciate all of your kindness.

Let's find Ashton for my guy Emmanuel! By the way, if these two connect because of me. Hallmark I own the movie rights to this story. Putting in the patent now.

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