Congratulations to Tony on being a part of the 2021 Hall of Fame class.

Before he was a commentator for CBS and before he was a part of the Dallas Cowboys. Tony Romo was slinging touchdowns for the Eastern Illinois Panthers. He attended that University from 2000 to 2002. During his three years he received three All-American honors, three All-Ohio Valley Conference honors, and was named his conference’s Player of the Year all three seasons.

Tony Romo was the first at Eastern to have their number retired. Number 17 by the way, not the number nine that we were used to seeing him wear in Dallas. Romo finished his college career with 7,816 passing yards, 82 touchdowns, and a 159.1 passer rating.

We found out he was going in yesterday, when he was calling the Bears/Saints game. You can see his colleague Jim Nantz tell him the news live during a break. Tony actually says he found out about it yesterday when the Hall of Fame football arrived at his house and his kids started playing with it.

He told them to 'Hold on, that ball might be important'. Yeah, that's a pretty big deal Tony. Congratulations and I am sure Jerry will be putting Tony into the Cowboys Ring of Honor at some point. Maybe he will be a part of the NFL Hall of Fame one day, we will have to wait and see on that one.

I hope Tony goes into the Ring of Honor, but Jerry better put Jimmy Johnson in their first. It sickens me that every member of those 90's teams is in there besides him.

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