Former Wichita Falls Deputy City Manager Jim Dockery, who resigned from the position on May 31 amid an investigation into allegations that he was using, growing and possibly distributing marijuana from his home, has been formerly charged.

James Creighton (Jim) Dockery- Wichita County Sheriff's Office
James Creighton (Jim) Dockery-
Wichita County Sheriff's Office

Dockery turned himself in to the Wichita County Jail earlier this afternoon and was charged with possession of marijuana over 2 ounces but under 4 ounces. The Wichita County Jail roster does not list a bond amount for Dockery, but KFDX is reporting a bond amount set at $2,500.

Dockery had been under investigation by the Wichita County District office after an investigator received a tip that Dockery was both using and growing marijuana at his home on Wendover Street. The source also claimed that Dockery was providing marijuana to family members as well.

As of 3 pm Thursday, Dockery remained in the Wichita County Jail.

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