Sad news to pass along about the woman who helped bring hockey back to Wichita Falls, Texas.

Shocking Announcement from the NAHL This Morning

Was scrolling online today and was shocked to see someone who I met back in the day suddenly passed away. Mary Anne Choi was the owner of our Wichita Falls Warriors. She brought hockey back to Wichita Falls on October 15, 2019. Sadly, the Warriors would agree to mutually part ways with our city on April 4, 2022. That next season the Warriors would win the championship in Oklahoma City, which did sting a little bit.

Full Statement from NAHL Website on Choi's Passing

“This is very tragic and very sad news for the Oklahoma Warriors and the NAHL family.  We are shocked and saddened by Mary Anne’s passing. She lived everyday with passion and purpose which is exactly how she approached her hockey team. Giving back to the players and community was her number one goal. What she accomplished on and off the ice in a short period of time was nothing short of amazing,” said NAHL Commissioner and President Mark Frankenfeld. “The North American Hockey League extends our deepest sympathy to her husband Michael, her daughter Chelsea, and her son Eric. Mary Anne will be dearly missed by her family, friends and the entire hockey community."

Warriors Considered One of the Best in NAHL History

Last year the Warriors did not lose a single playoff game which had not happened since 2003. The Oklahoma Warriors not only won the championship, but earned the award for organization of the year in 2022. In an article with USA Hockey, she talked about becoming an owner in hockey.

“I was just a hockey mom,” Choi laughed. “I had no experience in anything like this. But the more they questioned it, the more driven I was to prove I could do it.”

R.I.P. to Mary Anne Choi, our thoughts are with her family during this time.

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