Back in April this year, we learned the sad fate of our Wichita Falls Warriors. Well, sad for us in Wichita Falls because we lost ANOTHER sporting team. However, the Warriors have moved into a bigger market a few hours north of us. They now go as the Oklahoma Warriors up in Oklahoma City.

I saw that Oklahoma's News9 recently did a report on the Warriors because they were having their first home games over the weekend. The Warriors have started the season out strong in Oklahoma with a 9-2 record. That has them currently at third in the South Division of the NAHL.

But this peaked my curiosity of the Warriors' new facility in its bigger market. Because the ice rink in the video didn't appear to be bigger and better than the one they were housed in here in Wichita Falls.

So, is everything bigger and better in Oklahoma City?

Well, not so much. The Warriors team has admitted that their location in Oklahoma City is much smaller than Kay Yaegar Coliseum here in Wichita Falls.

I called over to the new facility the Warriors play at, which is the Blazers Ice Centre, and they told me their facility can hold about 1,400 people per game. Compare that to the 7,000 Kay Yaeger Coliseum can accommodate. But, to be honest, we never sold out a Warriors game here in Wichita Falls.

However, the Warriors now play in a venue that's about ten minutes away from where the Oklahoma City Thunder have their home games, which is at the Paycom Center. And people come in droves to see the Thunder no matter how their season is going. So hopefully the crowd that supports the Thunder gives the Warriors a shot as their season progresses this year. We wish the Warriors all the best this season!

We will wait and see what the future holds for sports in Wichita Falls. I would love to have a team here to get behind. I'm still holding out hope for someone to steal my minor league baseball team name of the Wichita Falls Red Draws. Someone with more money than me should make that happen.

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