Looks like this stretch of town in Fort Worth was off limits for the law, anything went down here back in the day.

I would assume the most famous Red Light District is probably in Amsterdam in modern days. However, Red Light Districts were all over America back in the day. Apparently the term originated in Sandusky, Ohio if you can believe it. Brothels would use red lights to try to attract new customers back in the day and that's where the term comes from.

Texas is not immune to the Red Light Districts, in fact Fort Worth maybe has the coolest name for a Red Light District I have ever heard in my life. From the early to mid 1870's it was at its peak, Forth Worth was home to 'Hell's Half Acre'. It was also known as the 'Bloody Third Ward' for the amount of violence that took place in the area.

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The area was home to saloons, brothels, and vice dens. The half-acre block was originally designated from Tenth Street to Fifteenth Street while intersecting with Houston Street, Main Street, and Rusk Street with Throckmorton and Calhoun streets established as boundaries.

According to Texas Escapes, the twenty-two thousand square foot ward caught the glimpse of such Old West personalities as Bat Masterson, Butch Cassidy, Doc Holliday, Etta Place, Luke Short, Sam Bass, Sundance Kid, and Wyatt Earp.

The Protestant Movement during the 1920's and the start of World War 1 put an end to the once prosperous area of North Texas. Now if you're a history buff or if you enjoy a good night of ghost hunting. A new tour is available in this area from US Ghost Tours, called Cowtown Ghosts where apparently you could encounter some of the victims of the 'Bloody Third Ward', including the ghost of girlfriend of The Sundance Kid called Eunice Gray.

The tour says, "The buildings we’ll show you may have survived the nightmare that was the real Wild West but continue to suffer from the residuals of the atrocities committed in those times." If you're interested, you can get tickets and more info here.

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