"If there's something weird. And it don't look good. Who you gonna call?"

We have several ghost tours that go on around Wichita Falls throughout the year. Many of them during the month of October. However, could we have a new stop on the ghost tour? The Deep End recently had something really weird happen around opening time this week. Co-owner Jason Hester was recently opening up for the night when all of the sudden the service bell dinged.

Basically this is the bell that the kitchen staff uses to let you know that food is sitting in the window ready to be picked up, we have all seen one of these before. The Deep End has the same standard bell we have all seen our entire lives.


Some may say, it was Jason putting that container on the counter that caused the bell to ring. Nah, several seconds pass, then the bell rings. Jason even gives a look back and goes, 'Bruh'. Yeah, Jason get that ghost some pizza it is hungry.


The Deep End is in a new location if you haven't checked it out in the Dollar Tree Plaza off of Southwest Parkway near the Walmart. I would have thought there old location would have been haunted and not the new place. Maybe this is a ghost from the old Deep End who is mad they moved and are trying to haunt this new place so they go back?


All I know is, get the proton packs ready boys. Sounds like you got a ghost.

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