According to a recent survey conducted by a political media fact-checking and watchdog group, Fox News is to some degree false more than 60% of the time., a division of the Tampa Bay Times and, analyzed the truthfulness of the three major cable news networks, Fox New, MSNBC, and CNN.  The site takes into account statements made by hosts and pundits, as well as paid contributors on each network, rating from "True" to "Pants on Fire",

TRUE – The statement is accurate and there’s nothing significant missing.

MOSTLY TRUE – The statement is accurate but needs clarification or additional information.

HALF TRUE – The statement is partially accurate but leaves out important details or takes things out of context.

MOSTLY FALSE – The statement contains an element of truth but ignores critical facts that would give a different impression.

FALSE – The statement is not accurate.

PANTS ON FIRE – The statement is not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim.

Overall, CNN ended up with a total of 21% false, MSNBC with 44% in the false categories, and Fox News at 61% false.  The individual breakdowns are...

CNN's Scores

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MSNBC's Scores

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Fox News' Scores

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By their own admission, PunditFacts dissuades people taking their scorecards to draw broad conclusions on the various news organizations, and explains more of their criteria on their website.