We have a BIG high school football game on Friday and if you're planning on making the trip and want some food. I recommend this place.

Congratulations to Wichita Falls Coyotes on advancing into another round in the playoffs. Their next game is Friday night in Denton at CH Collin Stadium against the Decatur Eagles. As someone who is a Dallas Cowboys fan, I have no respect for ANY team that calls themselves the Eagles (Sorry Holiday).

Kickoff is set for 7PM on Friday night and I know the Coyotes would LOVE to have a big group of Wichita Falls supporters on Friday night. If you want to go, tickets are available at this link. The trip to Denton from Wichita Falls is a super easy trip. My grandparents actually live in Denton and I enjoy the city very much. If you're looking for somewhere to eat before the game on Friday, I recommend this place.

Burger Time Machine

I know Wichita Falls loves a good burger place and I would say the best in Denton is Burger Time Machine. Tomorrow they will be open from 11AM-8PM, so a perfect place to grab a bite to eat before kickoff tomorrow. If you have been to Stone Oven in downtown Wichita Falls, you know they love a unique pizza. Burger Time Machine is that for burgers and all of their specialty burgers are named after movies.

For Instance, 'The Sound of Music' Burger

I am a sucker for a blue cheese burger. "This half pound burger is smothered in bleu cheese dressing and topped with a rich bleu cheese crumble! Comes with mayo, mustard, and lettuce." I know some of you HATE blue cheese with a passion, so how about another one of my favorites?

"Jurrasic" Burger

Obviously inspired by 'Jurrasic Park', this burger "let's you pretend you’re a T-Rex on a rampage with this half pound patty topped with li’l smokies grilled in a sweet bbq sauce, and american cheese! Served with mayo and lettuce."

'Dracula' Burger

"This bad boy comes doused in Red’s hot sauce, with melted pepperjack cheese. Did we mention it’s topped with french fries drizzled in ketchup?! Served with mayo and lettuce."

Those are just some of their amazing specialty burgers and the best part about this place. Only an eight minute drive from CH Collins Stadium where the Coyotes are playing on Friday night. So if you have time before the game, I highly recommend Burger Time Machine at 301 West University Drive in Denton.

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