I'm big on buying American.  If you and I don't support domestic industry, who will?  I'd gladly pay $200 or $300 more for a television to be able to own one that was made in the USA.  Remember Curtis Mathes?  If you're under 40, you probably don't.  I buy my hand tools at Sears, because Craftsman is still USA made.  A few months back, I read an article that said the Irwin Tools, the company that makes the Vise Grip locking pliers, was moving production to China.  My heart sank.  Vise Grips are like duct tape-essential.  No real man's tool box is without at least one pair.  I have three.  And I'm on the hunt for more with the USA label on them.  There are still some out there, or so I'm told.  But the thought of them moving production to China made my skin crawl.  Can you imagine what the folks in DeWitt, Nebraska felt like?  For eight decades, that's where they were made.  Another piece of American independence stripped away.  Who's at fault here?  Union greed?  I don't know if the DeWitt plant was even unionized to be honest.  Corporate greed?  Ever-increasing costs of production?  American's desire for cheap everything?  Regardless, the only way our nation ever returns to her former prominence in the world is to become a manufacturing power again.  We have to produce, not just consume.  Meanwhile, my USA made Vise Grips, along with the rest of my USA made tools, get all the TLC they need.  And I guard them well.