A year after initial hostilities between Anonymous and the Ku Klux Klan began, the hacker group has announced their intentions to publicly reveal the identities of 1,000 klan members.

Last year, Anonymous targeted the KKK after the klan made threats of lethal violence against protesters in Ferguson, which included Anonymous members.  In retaliation, Anonymous launched a cyber attack against the KKK, targeting official websites and Twitter accounts.  In doing so, Anonymous states they discovered the identities of many members and revealed their identities online.  The revealed members faced threats of violence, with some leaving the organization as a result.

Now, with hostilities between the two groups still raging, Anonymous has said that they will be releasing the identities of 1,000 klan members this month in what has been called "Operation KKK".  In a recorded statement, Anonymous made it clear they don't wish remove the Constitutional rights of the klan, they are making the klan transparent, and that transparency is the "right, just, appropriate, and only course of action."

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