The stupid just gets deeper by the second it seems. You cannot make up this garbage.

A U.S. Coast Guard official was removed from his duties during the Hurricane Florence response in Charleston after some keyboard warriors on Twitter claimed he flashed a ‘white power’ symbol on live t.v., Fox News reports.

The alleged symbol was the ‘OK’ sign, which has been in use for centuries and, for many decades, has served as the accepted gesture during underwater dives to indicate to fellow divers that you are ‘O.K.’

Somewhere, somehow, some half-witted internet trolls have declared it’s a ‘white power’ symbol.  It’s just another example of how out of control political correctness and social media have become. Suddenly, people who are nameless and faceless can dominate and direct any aspect of our society they wish just by sending a tweet or posting a message on some ‘rants and raves’ Facebook page.

A few weeks ago, White House staffer Zina Bash allegedly made this 'white power' symbol while seated behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh during a Senate hearing. Bash is Mexican and Jewish.  Sadly, far too many of us, apparently our own U.S. Coast Guard included, buy into these otherwise meaningless, phony and empty statements, accept them as fact, without any investigation or questioning of any sort.

I don’t know what the unidentified Coast Guard member was trying to communicate. Perhaps he himself is part of this leftwing nonsense. Or maybe, just maybe, he inadvertently offended some basement dwellers in the Twittersphere with an innocent, perhaps even unintended, and otherwise very benign hand gesture. After all, it takes very little to melt the snowflakes, now doesn’t it?

Oh, and by the way...

The Taco Bell employee who was fired recently for refusing to serve an English speaking customer in Florida, she can be seen flashing this horrible, racist "OK' hand sign in a screen capture from the YouTube video. I wonder, will the Twittersphere nutjobs label her a 'white supremacist', too?


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