Sometimes, it's best to keep driving until you find a better place to rest your head.

We've all been there: the hotel where we've elected to spend the night (or nights) is a few stars short of a five-star stay.

There are all sorts of ways to determine if a hotel is bad:

  • The "Continental breakfast" is really a guy named Al handing out Little Debbie snack cakes from the back of his Lincoln Continental
  • Instead of wearing shirts and ties, the hotel staff wears tuxedo T-shirts
  • There's a note inside your room safe that says, "I'll be back"
  • When you ask the concierge for directions, he begs you to take him with you
  • Your wake-up call is a guy throwing pebbles at your window

Okay, so those aren't exactly serious, but they underscore the definite possibility that your hotel is not good. Maybe there's no warm water, maybe there aren't enough towels, maybe the clock is broken, maybe the amorous couple next door sheds light on how thin the walls are. Plenty can go wrong for you to come to the conclusion that your hotel won't be getting your business again anytime soon.

So, tell us: what's the worst thing that can go wrong in your hotel?

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