Thinking of things like collisions, mechanical failure, or typical road damage, do you think Texans have more or less car trouble than the rest of the country?

The team at have compiled their list using Google Trends and keywords that would most indicate a user looking into resolving a form of car trouble. The keywords they searched include:

  • Car accident lawyer
  • Car wont start
  • Dead car battery
  • Tire repair
  • Windshield repair

Each state's search of the respective categories is assigned a point value up to 100, with a higher score meaning higher rates of car trouble. Texas scored below 70 on only one category, getting 41 points on 'Car accident lawyer'. Ultimately, Texas ranked 4th overall with a total of 368 points broken down across the 5 categories:

Car accident lawyer - 41 pts
Car wont start - 90 pts
Dead car battery - 78 pts
Tire repair - 71 pts
Windshield repair - 88pts

To see the full list and how Texas compares to other states, CLICK HERE.

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