Does Bruce Wayne live is Dallas?  Is Dallas really Gotham City?  Some people think so after Batman made an appearance in a video of illegal street racers doing doughnuts on a freeway in Dallas.  I don’t know if these guys were trying to recreate a scene from the Fast & Furious or Batman movies.  Either way, they shouldn’t have been doing it in the first place.

The highway where the video was shot is known as Woodall Rogers Freeway, and is located in downtown Dallas.  It is usually pretty busy since it runs right under Klyde Warren Park, and connects motorists to three different major highways.  Thankfully, the video seems to have been filmed in the overnight hours, when traffic is at an all-time low.

The video clip shows two sports cars doing doughnuts on the freeway, which apparently has no traffic.  What makes this video even more bizarre is that Batman made an appearance.  However, it didn’t look like the Batman was there to rescue the day, and stop the street racers from drifting on the freeway.  It looks like someone was just wearing a Batman costume, and running around like crazy in the background.  Maybe Batman is into illegal street racing himself.  Other bystanders can be seen filming the footage on their smart phones.

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Nobody knows if these street racers actually closed down the freeway, or if they just waited for the traffic to die down late at night.  Maybe Batman himself shut down the highway.  Who knows?

Illegal street racing has been a real problem in cities all across the state.  Over the past few years, local police departments have been cracking down on these street racers that turn the city streets into their own personal race track.  Not only is street racing illegal, but it’s extremely dangerous.  You could easily total your car, and even kill an innocent motorist in an accident.

Hopefully the Dallas Police Department, catches these street racers, and shuts them down for good.  The public roads should not be used as a race track.  We obviously can’t count on Batman to save the day and stop these guys.

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