There was a huge break up on Valentine’s Day, but it wasn’t a famous couple.

Street racing has been a real problem in major Texas cities, over the past few years.  On Monday, the Dallas police department’s Speeding and Racing Task Force, broke up several groups of illegal street racers, across the metroplex, which involved over 100 vehicles.   This city-wide break up of street racers is also known as a “takeover”.

During the takeover, the task force made 48 different traffic stops, issued 22 citations, and impounded 11 vehicles.  They even seized 6 different guns, and arrested 8 different people for various different felonies and misdemeanors.   Spectators were even be fined as well, even though they weren’t even racing.  The task force issued 7 different spectator citations during the takeover.

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Speeding and Racing Task Force,

While I’m a huge fan of the Fast & Furious movie franchise, and love the Need for Speed car racing video games, I’m glad that these racers were busted.  Have to be beyond stupid to race your car on the public roads.  Not only can you crash your own vehicle and total it, but you are also putting the live of innocent motorist at risk, and could even kill someone.

Hopefully this epic Valentine’s Day breakup, will discourage aspiring drivers from street racing.

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