Imagine you're driving to work, and some wannabe Instagram influencer starts kicking your car for views.

We have a couple of different camera angles of this nonsense to break down, let's get to it!

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So this guy just walks into traffic, jumps on the back of a truck, and then starts yelling at nobody in particular that his name is Trey... on Leroy.  Then he does the most comical shadowboxing I've ever seen.  Before we get to the rest of the video, here's a car pushing back, by hitting reverse when this rascal leans on their car.

I couldn't help but notice he leaves the large, lifted truck alone.

What's in the back?

He then walks over to a hatchback, peers in the back window, and then jump kicks said window. Neat.

Rinse and repeat

Some more terrible shadowboxing occurs, he sits on another car's trunk, then more shadowboxing, then one more jump kick. That's it, check out the video for yourself below and keep scrolling for the best Tweets.

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