Want to stay in the 'Dallas' ranch? Here you go.

I am not going to pretend like I know the TV show 'Dallas'. It was before my time. However, I know this show had a HUGE impact on pop culture. The "Who Shot J.R.?" story line has been referenced and parodied by so many. The show did film in parts of the Dallas area for the show at the beginning. Some of the later seasons, were actually filmed in California.

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One location that was always featured was the Southfolk Ranch in Parker, Texas. Earlier this month, it got new owners. Refined Hospitality Concepts took over the property. They plan to, "manage all private events, including catering operations, as well as daily tours, overnight stays, and the ranch's gift shop and public events."


Maybe you always wanted to get married here or maybe just spend the night. Looks like you can make that happen now. I took a look at the Refined Hospitality Concepts website, I do not see the Dallas ranch property on the site yet. So maybe some things have to get finalized before they start letting people reserve dates for events.

The property most recently was used for rodeo events since an arena is on the grounds as well. So if you grew up watching Dallas and want to relive some of those memories, save that link to keep an eye on when booking opens up. I have to guess it will not be cheap to rent this place out.

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