With so many things to do and see in the great state of Texas it’s almost difficult to pick out one place to go. But sometimes you need to just get away from the stress of emails and work and enjoy some of the natural beauty that is all around us. You can find both relaxation and so much beauty at any of these five terrific Airbnb rental properties that are listed below.  

Relaxing Getaway

The properties that you will see below are not highlighted because they are the most extravagant or over the top. Four out of the five rental properties recommended below cost around $200 or less per night, but they offer so much privacy you will love being able to unwind. There is one property that is listed below that offers enough room for 16 people to stay but will cost over $2,200 per night. There are rental properties for whatever you need. 

Quit Waiting to Plan a Trip in Texas 

You’ve been thinking about planning a trip for a while, but life gets busy. Stop waiting and plan a getaway for yourself, you work hard and deserve a break. You’re going to love seeing the properties listed below, just find the one that looks best to you and lock in a reservation. 

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Let’s Look at Some Relaxing Rental Properties in Texas 

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to stay in the lone star state for a getaway, here are some fantastic options available. Just remember to plan your trip now and quit putting it off any longer.  

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